Forex Affiliate Program by SuperForex | Golden Challenge

Golden Challenge

Become a Partner, Win a Gold Bullion and benefit from our Partnership Program

Become a Partner
Forex Affiliate Program by SuperForex | Golden Challenge


Gold Bullion



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Earn money with SuperForex! Compete with other partners and become the best of them in attracting customers to get a valuable gift from SuperForex. The partner who gets the maximum amount of partner commissions will get not only an impressive profit, but also a valuable prize: a gold bar as real as the opportunity to get it.

Golden Challenge Leaders: The Top 10

The best IB of 2022 will be determined soon, so start your journey towards this title today and earn with SuperForex.

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How to Participate?

All SuperForex partners are automatically in the run for the prize. Simply continue with your regular partnership work - attracting new clients and encouraging them to trade. SuperForex will automatically track the commission from your hard work for the contest.

Not a Partner Yet?

If you don’t have a partner’s account already, now would be a great time to set up one. Even as a brand-new partner, you will still be eligible to participate in the competition.

Become a Partner

Navigate to the Partner’s Cabinet and register a new account as a partner, not as a client. Someone from our Partnership Department will get in touch with you to explain everything and help you set up your business.

The foundation of all partnership programs is to find and attract new clients to the SuperForex family. You can use both offline and online methods to promote SuperForex, and our Partnership department is full of engaging materials to help you with that.

The people that you successfully refer to SuperForex will be recorded as your affiliates thanks to the unique affiliate code that each partner gets after registration. After registering via your affiliate link, trading activity of your clients brings you commission earnings.

For the duration of the contest, we would follow how much commission all of our partners are making. Whoever earns the most within the contest period will become the winner to receive a bar of solid gold as a prize (plus, bragging rights!).

What is a Forex Affiliate?

The work of a Forex affiliate is quite simple. You don’t need to know the financial markets well or even have any experience trading. All you have to do is introduce SuperForex to prospective clients and encourage them to register. Once they open SuperForex accounts and start trading, you will start making a commission, a.k.a. Forex affiliate earnings.

SuperForex offers various types of partnership. The most common one is Forex Introducing broker. This is the most basic and most popular business partner program we have. An IB simply tries to recruit new clients for SuperForex.

We offer you one of the best forex affiliate programs on the market.

Support for events

Support for events

Promo Materials, Seminars, Online Promotion and other help. Together we can hold a decent event.

Support for events

Free partners websites

Leave web development to our specialists. Use our free ready websites for your business.

Support for events

Rebate system

Give some of your commission back to your clients so they can trade more and generate more earnings for you.

Support for events

Up to 100% bonus

Bonus on the deposits of the clients attracted: you can further stimulate your affiliates to trade more by doubling their deposits with this bonus

Still not sure you can earn with our business partner program?

It may be an easy way to earn if you:

Become a Partner
Have experience in the Forex sphere

Have experience in the Forex sphere

Share your knowledge, trading tips, and benefits of financial trading - people will follow your lead.

Know other people who may be interested in trading and how to get their attention

Know other people who may be interested in trading and how to get their attention

Whether you have a website or a lot of followers on your social media - this is where you can find your clients. The more people you attract, and the more active they are, the greater your forex affiliate earnings will be.

Are willing to learn about our company and advertise us to your associates

Are willing to learn about our company and advertise us to your associates

The reason why the SuperForex business partner program is so popular is that we as a company offer prime quality services and constantly improve our offers. As a partner, we will do everything we can to inform you about every sweet deal we offer that can help motivate your affiliate group of clients.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing gives you the opportunity to earn a living by advertising the goods and services of a company. As a Forex affiliate with us, you will serve as a brand ambassador, someone to recommend our services to new potential clients and provide information about SuperForex to anyone who might be interested. In return, you will get Forex affiliate earnings, i.e. commission, from all the trades the people you brought to SuperForex make. In other words, you will make money from other people’s trading activity, without doing a thing yourself!

What is the Partners' Commission?

Partners Commission (also Affiliate Commission) is a percentage of the spread that is paid to the partner for each trade made by a customer attracted by the same partner.

What is an Affiliate Group?

All of the clients brought to SuperForex by the same partner form their affiliate group. If you are a partner and you have attracted five new clients to SuperForex, those five people are your affiliate group. You get Forex affiliate earnings from everyone in your affiliate group, as long as they are active.

How will the winner of the Golden Challenge be determined?

The partner who receives the maximum amount of partner commission during the contest period will become the winner. We will give them a real bar of gold as a reward.

How do you know that this customer is mine?

If the client is registered through the affiliate link, they automatically join your affiliate group.