Superforex Money

A 7% Discount on Each Deposit

About SuperForex Money

SuperForex partners can now take advantage of an exclusive offer - the SuperForex Money vouchers! SuperForex Money is an easy way for partners to earn 7% profit by helping your clients make deposits.

The SuperForex Money vouchers are available in the amounts of 10, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 USD. All of these denominations come at a 7% discounts - this means that the voucher for $100, for example, would actually cost just $93.

You can buy SuperForex Money vouchers from your local Introducing Broker. The SuperForex team would take care of the discount.

Benefits of Using SuperForex Money:

A discount of 7% on all deposit denominations

Vouchers don’t expire

No limitations on voucher count and use

Any Currency for Payment

SuperForex Money Calculation

For instance, if you want to buy $100 in Malaysian ringgit, with the 7% discount, that will be $93; if we take the USD/MYR rate to be 4.4 at the time of your order, then you would have to pay 93 x 4.4 = 409.2 MYR for your $100 voucher.

If you have any further questions about SuperForex Money, please feel free to contact our partnership department.