Pattern Graphix

About Pattern Graphix

Do you ever find yourself confused by the complicated nature of the Forex market? That is perfectly normal - many find that starting out in Forex trading might be overwhelming, as there is so much going on and graphs can change quickly. There are so many things a graph might mean and it would take you months of learning and practice to master those. Fear not, because we have a shortcut for you - a nifty bit of software that will be your perfect guide to trading - Pattern Graphix.

Pattern Graphix is an expert advisor software - it works in conjunction with the MT4 trading platform. This tool is very useful as it identifies patterns for you and makes suggestions on appropriate trades for the instruments you apply it to. In this way, you get proper advice on what might be good opportunities. You keep all control over your trades, as Pattern Graphix can merely advise you - it is still up to you whether to open or close deals, and how. All you need to know is that Pattern Graphix will mark everything important on the chart, doing all the technical thinking for you, and then you decide what to do with that information.

We offer this tool free of charge for all SuperForex customers.