Funds Security

SuperForex values your money - and we know you do too. In order to ensure your funds are always safe with us, we have implemented a sophisticated, multi-layered funds security program for maximum protection.

Segregated Funds

To protect your money at all costs, we use a segregated funds policy. This means that your money is stored separately from company funds. This ensures that your money is not being used as SuperForex resources and does not fund our activities - it is only for your transactions. What does this mean for you? If SuperForex is hypothetically befallen by some kind of misfortune, your money will still be safe, as it has nothing to do with SuperForex’s own finances. In any event, you would be able to access your funds in their entirety.

SSL Certificate

We use an SSL certificate to protect all data you enter on our website. SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, is a protocol that allows a safe communication between you and our websites. Thanks to it, your device establishes a trust with our servers based on unique criteria which permit our servers to identify when it is you sending information, or when someone else is trying to cause harm by pretending to be you, modifying the data you would otherwise send. The SSL protects your data and your account.

Account Verification

In order to protect your account fully, we recommend going through our comprehensive verification process. This consists of:

  • an email verification;
  • an ID scan to verify your data;
  • an address verification;
  • a phone number verification.

To ensure your account is protected, a combination of these methods must be used.

Log-in History

You can view a full log-in history in the Client’s Cabinet. That will display all IP addresses which have logged into your account, making it easy to spot any suspicious activity right away. The system would show the IP, location, time, operating system, and browser used for each log-in, so that you can easily discern any malicious attacks on your account. Furthermore, we send you email alerts if and when we detect suspicious attempts to log in to your account.

Device ID

You can also keep your account safe by limiting the devices which have access to it. The Device ID functionality is located in the Clients Cabinet, under Security. Under that setting you can add your computers, tablets, or smartphones you would like to use to log into your account - any device not on the list would not be able to log in, even if they hypothetically have your login data.

Allowed IP List

You can further improve the protection of your account by creating a list of allowed IP addresses. This would restrict access to your account so that only to the IPS you approved could log in, fending off potential attacks on your account.

Thanks to the unique combination of variable security measures we put at your disposal, you can be certain that you are always in good hands with SuperForex.